Why Are Tumblers Better Than Plastic Bottles?

The use of tumblers or drink bottles is currently very supportive of the government’s campaign to urge the public to reduce the use of plastic and switch to using refillable beverage containers. This will make life healthier and can reduce expenses. Try to buy a custom CamelBaks bottle because it is very useful.

Tumblers at affordable prices with various models are now widely marketed in online stores. To be brought to school, the tumbler capacity of 300-450 milliliters is suitable for school children. For workplaces, it’s better to have a larger tumbler. As an illustration, people who work in air-conditioned rooms, need as much as 1.9 liters of water-2.8 liters every day. Here are some reasons for you to start switching to using a beverage container other than plastic.

1. Protect the environment
One of the main reasons to stop using disposable cups is to protect the environment. Disposable cups are environmentally friendly, but in fact, only 1 of the 400 glasses is recycled. The process of recycling single-use cups cannot be compared to cartons. By using a tumbler instead of a drinking water container, you can reduce the environmental impact caused by plastic glass waste.

2. Save Expenditures
As awareness has risen to protect the environment, several coffee outlets or cafes have taken part in efforts to reduce disposable glass waste. They provide special prices for customers who bring their tumblers when buying coffee. By bringing your place to drink coffee, you can save money.

3. Drink Temperature is More Maintained
Disposable glass can not maintain the temperature of coffee or tea in a long time. Tumblers equipped with a special coating can maintain the temperature of the drink is maintained. So, you can still enjoy the taste of coffee as well as when you drink in a cafe.

4. Avoiding Chemical Substances
When ordering hot coffee which is packaged in plastic cups, there is a strange taste of the plastic being tasted. Besides, several layers of disposable plastic cups also contain the chemical BPA (Bisphenol A) which is classified as a toxic material and is associated with cancer. It would be better if you prevent it by switching to using a place to drink.

Another container for storing water is a flask, a bottle that is given a double inner wall that is designed to form like glass with a shiny material that can store liquid so that it remains at its original temperature.