It is an Old Master Painting Technique

There are so many paintings that we see every day because paintings are such beautiful arts. If you check on our woodstock local house painting services website then you can see tons of magnificent arts. There are so many different techniques that painters do on their works. It is one of an old master painting technique that we write in this article.

 In the past many of masters of painting used some of different techniques because they showed their own skills. There was such different level of skills therefore they didn’t want to make the similar painting with others. They wanted to get their own trade mark even though they painted the same object. In the past most of master painting painted some of buildings and they painted them in different styles.

One of this old master painting techniques is called as Flemish method and it is quite different with the other technique. The very first thing that you see from this old master painting technique is the background must be white. Most of them didn’t paint on colorful background so they just used white canvas for their paintings.

The second thing which is also very interesting from this kind of technique is the way the painter mixed few of optical techniques in one painting. The last thing that you must know about it is the process of mixing those optical techniques in one single painting. They used many of layers to glaze their paintings altogether.

The first layer on the canvas is called as black white background; the second layer is called as glazing layer, the third layer is called as over dry or brush sketch, the fourth layer is called as multi layered or over grisaille, the fifth layer is called as over dead colors, and the last layer is called over white under gazing.