Efficient Tractors

With years of expertise, John Deere keeps proving to be one of the best manufacturers in heavy types of equipment used in many sectors. You could also get the john deere manuals pdf easily to help you operate the machine. Superior in its class, John Deere 3036E provides added value to oil palm plantation businesses. Reinforced by the Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) feature to provide the ultimate protection for the operator in the event of an incident where the tractor rolls over while working.

John Deere’s tractors since early 2016 have rushed to offer a variety of solutions for the needs of the national agricultural industry, including in the oil palm plantation community, as well as the need for mechanization for other plantations such as sugar cane, corn, and cassava. One effort was made by the company was launching a tractor series in the 30 HP class, namely the John Deere model 3036E tractor which has 36 HP power. John Deere 3036E is very suitable for use in oil palm plantations, especially for infield collection activities, and is also capable of doing other activities such as fertilizing and spraying pesticides. The tractors that dominate the oil palm commodity are in the 30 HP, 50 HP and 90 HP classes, where PT Wahana Inti Selaras has a complete line of units for John Deere tractor products in various classes plus the 100 HP to 300 HP classes. In the 30 HP class, we have a superior product, namely John Deere 3036E which can be applied for infield collection.

The 30 HP class tractor is very popular especially in oil palm plantations, because of its compact size so that this tractor has optimal benefits for work in various fields, both on mineral soils and on peatlands. John Deere 3036E aerodynamic design with high composite body material. With a tractor weight of around 1.2 tons, this American tractor can move swiftly in oil palm plantations while also remaining efficient and effective.