Understanding Of Self Storage

As its name implies literally, a 迷你倉 is a kind of small storehouse in a building or complex that can be accessed yourself using the password that you make so that only you and those who know the password can go into the storehouse. Good self-storage is usually equipped with good security systems such as security, door access, CCTV, etc so that the safety of the things stored in it can be ensured. So what is the difference with a safe deposit box and warehousing in general?

A safe deposit box has a high level of security as a fireproof building and some others. Because the rental rates that are charged for a small dimension are very expensive, usually only valuable and expensive items are the ones to be stored in a self-deposit. Those items are usually such as gold, important documents, certificates of land, etc. Meanwhile, a self-storage is more common to be rented as the rate charged for one self-storage unit is cheaper and more affordable than the price for a safe deposit. As for the things that are usually stored in a self-storage unit, there are some people who use a self-storage unit to store items which they rarely use such as clothing, wine, handbags, shoes, motorcycles, bicycles, document or records, etc.

From the dimensions of the room, self-storage is usually available in a size which is smaller than usual warehousing facilities, yet has a better security system. Therefore, a self-storage is intended for individuals who live in a place that does not have a warehouse in it, such as an apartment or condominium. As for those other than an individual, a small company that does not have a warehouse on its building, for example, self-storage can function as a logistics warehouse to store the inventory of the company.