Advantages Of Gb WhatsApp

Currently, the use of WhatsApp has become a daily necessity for every person in the world, be it among business people, students, or ordinary people. Maybe that’s where one of the reasons for developers to develop WhatsApp applications in the type of Gb WhatsApp that you could see at besides just to beautify the appearance and add features, so as not to get bored quickly and be more privacy for users. But actually what are the advantages or advantages of this particular WhatsApp?

Okay, let’s get on with it, this is the excellent feature of Gb Whatsapp. It can hide online status and typing reports also can send video files over 40MB. You will be able to have two or more Whatsapp accounts on one phone. This app also has an anti-delete message and anti-delete status. It allows you to download a friend’s video or photo status without additional applications or see status without being noticed. The Gb WhatsApp also can be used to change the theme background or the font color as desired. Most importantly, it supports more than 50 languages.